Moon HUBBLE X-Cord Pant - Chocolate

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Awesome pants, Awesomer shop!

About 8 years ago I ordered a pair of pants from another outdoors website because they were on sale for for like 90% off so I figured why not. When I got my $10 pants in the mail I instantly knew they were gonna be my favorite pair of pants for just about everything. Fast forward 4 years later and the pants were so trashed from heavy use that they were no longer serviceable. I had already put 6 or 7 repair patches on them too! “No big deal” I thought. I’ll just get another pair! Well as it turns out, the company that made those glorious pants went out of business ages ago and so I’d have to try something else. I’ve searched for the last 4 years trying to find anything similar and no pair of pants ever scratched the itch. That is, until I saw these bad Larry’s online. One problem though. I’d have to pay 60 dollars in shipping to get them sent over from Europe AND I’d have to wait for who knows how long for them to actually get delivered. I tried finding stores that sold these domestically and eventually ran into the PsicoblocShop. Hmmm I’ve heard of the Comp but I didn’t know there was a store too.. At first I was hesitant to order from a shop I’d never even heard of. Honestly it seemed too good to be true. I didn’t pull the trigger for about a week, and that whole week all I could think about was how I missed my favorite pair of pants. I decided to order. After 1 short week of waiting, lo and behold, the package was on my doorstep. I rushed inside and tore into the bag and saw there was a second bag inside labeled “swag bag” with a happy face. And it wasn’t a small bag with some stickers either. It was a nalgene sized bag with all kinds of cool stuff! A free cliff bar brand sports bottle! A free climbing skin balm! A free pair of cliff bar branded sunglasses! A free bit of chalk from Ocun! Some actually really nice chapstick! A free redbull! And 5 really awesome stickers from various brands who sell on the shop! What an awesome surprise! I’ve never got such cool and usable goodies from an online order like this before! And I haven’t even mentioned the pants yet. The pants… this.. wearable work of art and craftsmanship.. I thought I had a favorite pair of pants before with the last ones all those years ago. These pants are somehow even better!! Not only do the seem much more durable, they also just look immensely better! They are so stylish. I can wear them to the crag, to the gym, or even on a night out in the city. They move really well and fit really great! I’m extremely impressed with the quality of the goods and equally as impressed with the service from Psicobloc shop. Definitely going to order climbing clothes from here for the foreseeable future! I couldn’t be more satisfied! Also for reference, I’m 5’5” and the size small fits me just right!

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